KLAYMORE rocks the Hard Rock Cafe.

A Big shout out to all the bands in tonight's Winter X Showcase at Hard Rock Cafe.

What an awesome lineup of talent. It is always a winning proposition for me to be a Judge in these events. As much as I hate to see any band "lose", I don't really see it that way at all. The fact is, I saw five very talented bands get up there tonight, and if one of them stood out a bit more, it in no way detracts from the others. In fact, I had a very close score sheet because each of the bands brought something unique to themselves, which cannot be ignored. I applaud your balls my friends. You put yourselves out there and each of you won my respect tonight. Remember this: For every person you can find who thinks Led Zeppelin is the greatest band ever, I can produce ten people who think they suck. Does that even matter? I still love Led Zeppelin.

Major kudos to tonight's winners, KLAYMORE. If Dave Mustaine was a likeable guy, you'd get the level of blistering metal FUN these young men brought. They really energized the crowd and they just had a blast on stage. Loved it.

Tripshod was also a treat for me, personally. They managed to combine musical styles as diverse as reggae, metal, ska, grunge and straight up rock with a progressive and at times almost Zappa-esque quality that I really enjoyed. If the right producer gets a hold of this band, they have some serious potential.

Dematus has balls, and they tackle some heavy riffage. And although I felt that they could use either a second guitar or a keyboard to give their music more depth, the talent displayed by the members was undeniable.

Until We Have Faces is one of those bands that is hard to classify. They explored some different styles, but almost seemed mired in the death metal thing. I think if they get more time together to explore some sonics, they could develop into a really solid band. Kudos on their stage presence and their 'look'.

The Wire Riots are the band that made being a judge really hard. They were flat out good. They had this wonderful 80s happy meets 90s angst thing happening that I absolutely loved. This was a fun band, and with a bit of fine tuning on their stage show and  look, could really set themselves apart from the pack. Musically, this was a solid outfit that impressed me.

Thanks to Roy and everyone at the Hard Rock Cafe, WXDX 105.9 The X, and Drusky Entertainment, for making this a most pleasant evening of great music.


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