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Lunacy, the newest release from Unadeluna features some very-well driven synth-pop that infects the work through and through. Peter Guellard displays a huge creative initiative that gives Unadeluna a unique sound that is hell-bent. Marla Degenhardt's vocals push the exhausting limits effortlessly through each track on Lunacy.  The smooth mechanics of the rhythm section (Tracy Whorton on drums, and Mark Urbano on bass) completes the signature sounding line-up. 


The disc opens up with the grinder-track, "Gravity," which, dances and twists with digital blips and some serious looping. Highlights include the sitar-laced "Supernatural" and the acoustic ditty, "Shatter And Break." The songs really display the talents of Unadeluna and their proficient song-crafting machine. "Supernatural" rolls into a pop hook that is so entrenched in sexy it'll definitely have fans, new and old,  clamoring for more. "Wide Awake" is a conscious song that is meticulously laid out with very surreal keys and dropping beats. And, "Stargazer" is a drifty, quietly seductive track thats is simply put, is astonishing work by this cutting edge group. You're going to want to keep your eye's on this band, because they'll be rising in popularity with every listen of Lunacy!


Guest musician's include Brad Yoder, Jason Kendall and Luke Williams for some very special moments throughout the cd.

Gigz Giger

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