Liquified Guts

Sour Cream and Phibes


☆☆☆ 1/2


   Liquified Guts is on of those hardcore metal bands that is pushing a new type of sound in an ominous direction. Frontman Jim Sherwood has such a uniqueness in the way he approaches his vocals-- like nothing you've ever heard-- by inhaling as he throats out the low-fi warped lyrics. He'd give King Diamond a run for his money! "976-Beef," the opening cut on Liquified Guts' new release, Sour Cream and Phibes, churns out like a sick-ass amusement park ride. The fast and frenzied single-noted beats are not for the light-hearted, and require rapid neck propulsion. The rhythm section (Bowen,Gizzi) really kills it with a machine gun assault in "Chicken Coop Hijinks." The synergy they exude really drives their particular hardcore sound. They change it up a bit with a more rock-type riff for the bridge part of the song in "Dr. Good Phibrations." However, they pick up the pace for the chorus/verse with in pure-guts fashion.

   Offering ten solid tracks on Sour Cream and Phibes, Liquified Guts should be driving a new underground movement in the Burgh with this release. "Trending The Maize" can entertain a Cannibal Corpse fan just as easily as any other metal extreme. The band displays a jovial side with a song titled "Pissing Woody Harrelson Off Wasn't A Good Idea." Sherwood proves to have a very creative and multi-visional creative mode, which, helps to push the envelope of LG to a level that could win fans for them on an international level. Metal heads are loyal to the good shit that's for sure. Sour Cream and Phibes will have the scenesters buzzing and bewildered youth clamoring.

Gigz Giger

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