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Under A Blueberry Moon





  A well-executed, diverse, New Age concept is one way of describing this luminous release. Recorded at local recording studio, Cobblestone, Adam Sivitz (drummer of the local 'Burgh band Mercury) puts forth an effort in the New Age genre that is quite interesting, and very original.


This insightful release opens with title cut "Under A Blueberry Moon" with some nice steel pan drum work accompanied by Tyler Groft's neo-classical piano work, and is a very invigorating track. The drums and lead guitar work in "Baba Yaga" display a fluid understanding of music and how it comes together under different axioms. The mellow, transient "Song For Sendai" is interwoven with a nice violin crescendo and some drifty guitar by Dale Cinski. The song delicately builds to a maelstrom of euphonic euphoria by the cut's ending.


While there aren't any vocals on this release, it can be very tribal sounding at times. One might feel the urge to make up chants to accompany the music. "Peace March" is an excellent example of this concept, with its quixotic beats and flavored percussion. The cuts "Infrasonic," "Poppy Orange" and "The First Sun" all seem like a refreshing dip in some experimental waters. The scope of the music seems nearly limitless.  Sivitz creates an excellent mood-enhancing collaboration that will be enjoyed by every fan of New Age music. Under A Blueberry Moon has a gripping rhythmic quality.


- Gigz Giger




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