Chaibaba at Lava Lounge 04.26.12


At the risk of being blunt and rather direct, these fuckers are really good! I'm serious! That was my reaction when they launched into their set. Genuinely pleasantly surprised. And when I say, 'launched', I mean exactly that.

Bassist Ketan Bakrania (who also handles vocals and percussion) and drummer Dino Lopreiato Lay down a groove that is smooth, smart, sexy-- everything a good groove should be.

But when guitarist Vijay Bakrania starts weaving his patterns of sound, it takes on the effect of exploring space. The band literally paints a picture with this wonderful mix of styles and substance.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Sparks - Highly Recommended

Ketan Bakrania- Lead vocals, bass guitar, and percussion
Dino Lopreiato- Drums, percussion, and vocals
Vijay Bakrania- Guitars and vocals

Category: Soundcheck