Distant Signals Rush Tribute

Interview with guitarist Mike Moscato

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Vermithrax has been turning up a lot in my social media-- you guys are the go-to band as openers at metal shows. How has that affected the band in terms of name recognition?

Chris Roy
Our logo seems to be recognized more, which in today's world of branding, that's always a good thing. We've very fortunate to have been part of some really cool bills that happen to attract a similar audience.

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tonyjanflone2We'll start with the basics-- how long have you been playing guitar?

Tony Janflone-  Believe it or not 44 years.

I'm guessing your Dad (Guitarist Anthony Janflone Sr.) was a driving force in that?

Tony Janflone-    Yes. I used to pretend to play the guitar while he practiced. I had an old contraption called a see-and-say. It was kind of round and had a handle on it. I pretended it was my amplifier. I also had a plastic guitar with plastic strings. I would go into the room while he practiced and pretended I was practicing too. I heard him doing all kinds of cool stuff and I'm sure that I was absorbing it.  My dad is my main inspiration. My second would be George Benson. My dad took me to my first concert at 10 years old and it was to see George Benson. I love him and his music to this day.

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The new CD is called, "Sympathy and Criticism". Why that title-- is there a story behind it?

Joe Marini-- It's just a phrase dealing with the conditional response people have when others screw up.Sympathy  for damage control, and criticism when they wanna dump all over them.  Sad.Objectivity is gone, bro.

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