Back to the Garden

My trip to Woodstock with the students of For Those About to Rock Academy

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One hundred years ago, Blacksmiths were very important members of the community. Within two decades, they would become nearly extinct, the few remaining hold-outs being employed in an increasingly specialized field, eventually reserved in large part for the ultra rich. A man named Henry Ford would see to that.

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Dark Side of the Moon CoverThe Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

In considering the end of the album as an art form, it occurred to me there are a lot of bands who had great albums, meaning, the entire album was good from start to finish. The obvious example is "Dark Side of the Moon", which remained on the charts for an unprecedented amount of time. The entire album was, essentially, a symphony with movements that ultimately told a story. "The Wall" is an even better example, with added bizarre, deformed imagery and a clear, if somewhat manic, storyline.

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Porky Chedwick was a disc jockey on WHOD in Homestead, PA., who then moved up to WAMO radio, going back to the early 1950’s.  It was a different time in America, where “whites only” was still the norm in many cities, and I swear, I  think he was the only white guy at the otherwise all-black employees station.

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