East End bassist Robbie Perrone is a great player and an all-around cool dude. He has played in many working bands over the past decade. We talked to him about his current band, East End.

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AcoustiCafe: Welcome to the Funhouse

by Amber Bamber



As a songwriter, I've always stressed the importance of open stages, jam nights and open mic nights for artistic growth. You get the opportunity to meet like minded people that you can bounce ideas off of. You get an opportunity to hone your stage presence.
You'll meet people to start bands or work on projects with.

Its like the fun part of school, where the usual curriculum is interrupted and you get a chance to just have fun and let loose with your classmates.  A home away from home, with brothers and sisters to share your hobbies, interests, and experiences with.

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A Musical Trip Down Memory Lane

totally80s 2

Christopher Murphy spoke with us about the very succesfull tribute to the spirit and music of the 1980's.

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