granati2What is a “Rock Star”?

Based on my many conversations, and even adventures with them, it is no idle boast when I say, “I know rock stars.”

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atf bandAfter the Fall is well known for their blistering live performances. Everyone who sees them is impressed, and will say they have that infectious vibe of, "Let's all just have fun and rock n' roll."

Vocalist and principle songwriter Doug Carnahan spent some time chatting about the band and their approach to recording their new CD release, "My Confession".

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clarks rewindLong time Pittsburgh favorites the Clarks release Rewind, a tribute to the cover songs the band played in the very beginning of their career. Vocalist Scott Blasey talked to us about the recording, their fans and the element of having families of their own now, while maintaining a thriving and in demand rock n' roll band.

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We are adding one new guitarist each month through December 2015. Please scroll down to see the full list plus this month's new addition.

This page is hereby dedicated the great guitarists of Pittsburgh. To inaugurate this digital tribute, I polled a random group of musicians on Facebook which I honestly feel were a pretty good cross section of musicians from Pittsburgh. And we discussed it. It wasn't a 'this or that" vote thing. Everyone was free to state their cases for their picks. I am incredibly fortunate to count so many talented and knowledgeable players n’at from all over the Land of Pittsburgh, as friends. It truly is the most unique city in which I have resided, and it humbled me, as a guitarist, when I first moved here.

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