memphismike2We're now fully entrenched in what a dear friend in Oz likes to call "The Silly Season". The holidays are upon us. The turkey has been stuffed and eaten, Xmas lights are blinding me from all corners, the social tragedy that is Black Friday has come and gone...and you've survived to read this.

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There are certain bands and individual artists throughout music history whose work stood out beyond being good. It literally took on a life of it’s own. It became iconic in a social sense, going beyond even general knowledge of the original source.

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Angel O-drums, Vinnie Q-gtrs, Rocky Bulldog Lamonde-bass, Bobby C-vocals, Darryl Van Zant-gtrs, 

The Dirty Charms
Drummer Angelo Amantea talks about the Penn Rock Scholarship Contest, signing an EP deal with Supermonkey Recording Company and being an old school rock band in the new world order.

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chrisgroblewskiChris Groblewski took time out of his increasingly busy schedule to talk about his new record label, Supermonkey Recording Company.

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