Having not been raised in Pittsburgh, I have a unique perspective on our music scene. It’s where I truly cut my teeth in the Biz, yet its past was somewhat alien to me when I arrived in 1989. I had much to learn when I got here.

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     “Inspiration is everywhere,” according to Jah Ques. With a just released new single, and the Reggae Fusion Fest coming up in February, Jah Ques is poised to inspire many people with his conscious lyrics, soulful voice, and smooth rhythms.

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burlesque lineup

Ah, the quaint charms of burlesque. Smoke filled rooms in which the smell of cigars mingles just a little uneasily with booze and perfume, and most of the lighting comes from the stage where raunchy comics and sexy ladies of every description strut their stuff in elaborate costumes to the most decadent music of the age.

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Derek Woodz talks with Violet Grey about the band that bears his name.

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